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You have to trust your body to take care of you.

A J Langer | trust quotes | Video

Be modest humble simple. Control your anger.

Abraham Cahan | anger quotes | Video

Do not follow vain desires for verily he who prospers is preserved from lust greed and anger.

Abu Bakr | anger quotes | Video

As a system of philosophy it is not like the Tower of Babel so daring its high aim as to seek a shelter against God's anger but it is like a pyramid poised on its apex.

Adam Sedgwick | anger quotes | Video

I don't have the feeling of being motivated by anger revenge or frustration.

Agnes Obel | anger quotes | Video

Indulge not thyself in the passion of anger it is whetting a sword to wound thine own breast or murder thy friend.

Akhenaton | anger quotes | Video

I'm an angry person angrier than most people would imagine I get flashes of anger. What works for me is working out when it's useful to use that anger.

Alan Alda | anger quotes | Video

There is not in nature a thing that makes man so deformed so beastly as doth intemperate anger.

Alan Bleasdale | anger quotes | Video

It's a joke to think that anyone is one thing. We're all such complex creatures. But if I'm going to be a poster child for anything anger's a gorgeous emotion. It gets a bad rap but it can make great changes happen.

Alanis Morissette | anger quotes | Video

When I was younger I was terrified to express anger because it would often kick-start a horrible reaction in the men in my life. So I bit my tongue. I was left to painstakingly deal with the aftermath of my avoidance later in life in therapy or through the lyrics of my songs.

Alanis Morissette | anger quotes | Video

When someone says that I'm angry it's actually a compliment. I have not always been direct with my anger in my relationships which is part of why I'd write about it in my songs because I had such fear around expressing anger as a woman.

Alanis Morissette | anger quotes | Video

What influenced me was Tori Amos who was unapologetic about expressing anger through music and Sinead O'Connor. Those two in particular were really moving for me and very inspiring before I wrote 'Jagged Little Pill.'

Alanis Morissette | anger quotes | Video

We're taught to be ashamed of confusion anger fear and sadness and to me they're of equal value to happiness excitement and inspiration.

Alanis Morissette | anger quotes | Video

I think anger and laughter are very close to each other when you think about it.

Albert Brooks | anger quotes | Video

All improv turns into anger. All comedy improv basically turns into anger because that's all people know how to do when they're improvising. If you notice shows that are improvising are generally people yelling at each other.

Albert Brooks | anger quotes | Video

Anger dwells only in the bosom of fools.

Albert Einstein | anger quotes | Video

Every time you get angry you poison your own system.

Alfred A Montapert | anger quotes | Video

Genuine forgiveness does not deny anger but faces it head-on.

Alice Duer Miller | anger quotes | Video

There's a lot of bitterness there's a lot of anger out there. We all have to work hard to heal those wounds.

Allen Boyd | anger quotes | Video

Speak when you are angry and you will make the best speech you will ever regret.

Ambrose Bierce | anger quotes | Video

I don't think your ability to fight has anything to do with how big you are. It's to do with how much anger is in you.

Amy Winehouse | anger quotes | Video

When you start suppressing feelings at an early age it hurts you down the road. Full expression of anger and pain is very important.

Andrew Shue | anger quotes | Video

Men make angry music and it's called rock-and-roll women include anger in their vocabulary and suddenly they're angry and militant.

Ani DiFranco | anger quotes | Video

I've been trying to learn how to not be so conflicted about things like my own anger. I've always had a place in my music for my anger as a way of compensating for not having a mechanism to express it in my everyday life. So I've been trying to be more true to myself and that helps me to chill out a little bit. But politically uh-uh. No.

Ani DiFranco | anger quotes | Video

I want to express myself to feel that what I feel is real. My joy my pain my anger.

Annabella Sciorra | anger quotes | Video

You can survive with anger but you can't live with it forever.

Ariel Dorfman | anger quotes | Video

Anybody can become angry - that is easy but to be angry with the right person and to the right degree and at the right time and for the right purpose and in the right way - that is not within everybody's power and is not easy.

Aristotle | anger quotes | Video

Hatred is an affair of the heart contempt that of the head.

Arthur Schopenhauer | anger quotes | Video

Revenge is often like biting a dog because the dog bit you.

Austin O'Malley | anger quotes | Video

He best keeps from anger who remembers that God is always looking upon him.

B C Forbes | anger quotes | Video

Never do anything when you are in a temper for you will do everything wrong.

Baltasar Gracian | anger quotes | Video

Never contend with a man who has nothing to lose.

Baltasar Gracian | anger quotes | Video

The more anger towards the past you carry in your heart the less capable you are of loving in the present.

Barbara de Angelis | anger quotes | Video

Our task of course is to transmute the anger that is affliction into the anger that is determination to bring about change. I think in fact that one could give that as a definition of revolution.

Barbara Deming | anger quotes | Video

The world needs anger. The world often continues to allow evil because it isn't angry enough.

Bede Jarrett | anger quotes | Video

In general I was a good kid. It usually took a lot to make me mad. But once I reached the boiling point I lost all rational control. Totally without thinking when my anger was aroused I grabbed the nearest brick rock or stick to bash someone. It was as if I had no conscious will in the matter.

Benjamin Carson | anger quotes | Video

Whatever is begun in anger ends in shame.

Benjamin Franklin | anger quotes | Video

Anger is never without a reason but seldom with a good one.

Benjamin Franklin | anger quotes | Video

Every child senses with all the horse sense that's in him that any parent is angry inside when children misbehave and they dread more the anger that is rarely or never expressed openly wondering how awful it might be.

Benjamin Spock | anger quotes | Video

That's the conundrum of cartoon stripping as opposed to political cartoons. When your anger is the driving force of your drawing hand failure follows. The anger is OK but it has to serve the interests of the heart frankly.

Berkeley Breathed | anger quotes | Video

I was shocked at the anger toward me.

Bernadine Dohrn | anger quotes | Video

It's not life or death it's a game and at the end of the game there is going to be a winner and a loser.

Bernhard Langer | death quotes | Video

To a Christian Easter Sunday means everything when we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Bernhard Langer | easter quotes | Video

That's the difference between golf and many other sports. You go to some other sporting events they just leave you or give you the cold shoulder and move on.

Bernhard Langer | sports quotes | Video

Anger tears me up inside... My own... or anyone else's.

Betty White | anger quotes | Video

My dear brothers take note of this: Everyone should be quick to listen slow to speak and slow to become angry for man's anger does not bring about the righteous life that God desires.

Beverly Sills | anger quotes | Video

Anger begins with folly and ends with repentance.

Beverly Sills | anger quotes | Video

The anger in the Brigade against those who fought the Republic in the rear was sharpened by reports of weapons even tanks being kept from the front and hidden for treacherous purposes.

Bill Alexander | anger quotes | Video

The quickest way to defuse fear or insecurity or anger is usually humor. I think comics figure that out quickly and once you figure it out you think 'Hey if I can do this and get paid that would be kind of cool.'

Billy Gardell | anger quotes | Video

My heart has been heavy and I have deliberated within my own conscience knowing that my decision should not come out of my initial emotion of anger toward the President for such reckless behavior but should be based on the facts.

Blanche Lincoln | anger quotes | Video

I realised one day that men are emotional cripples. We can't express ourselves emotionally we can only do it with anger and humour. Emotional stability and expression comes from women.

Bob Hoskins | anger quotes | Video

The ignorant mind with its infinite afflictions passions and evils is rooted in the three poisons. Greed anger and delusion.

Bodhidharma | anger quotes | Video

I am ready to accept all accusations allegations anger - but I have to succeed.

Boris Trajkovski | anger quotes | Video

Generalised anger and frustration is something that gets you in the studio and gets you to work - though it's not necessarily evident in anything that's finished.

Bruce Nauman | anger quotes | Video

I have some anger issues.

Bryan Cranston | anger quotes | Video

Holding on to anger is like grasping a hot coal with the intent of throwing it at someone else you are the one who gets burned.

Buddha | anger quotes | Video

In a controversy the instant we feel anger we have already ceased striving for the truth and have begun striving for ourselves.

Buddha | anger quotes | Video

You will not be punished for your anger you will be punished by your anger.

Buddha | anger quotes | Video

I was a pretty angry kid and I got into military history largely as a way to vent my own anger. As I got older it narrowed down to a more specific focus on individual violence. I'm just trying to understand where it came from.

Caleb Carr | anger quotes | Video

I get in trouble when I say things like 'I'm attracted to violence.' I was a pretty angry kid and I got into military history largely as a way to vent my own anger. As I got older it narrowed down to a more specific focus on individual violence. I'm just trying to understand where it came from.

Caleb Carr | anger quotes | Video

I'm not angry I'm not an angry person but I do sometimes like playing with the perception of anger as in pretending that I'm more angry than I actually am and sometimes it works quite well.

Calvin Harris | anger quotes | Video

My humour has always come from anger but I have to make sure I don't just get angry and jump on a soapbox.

Carl Hiaasen | anger quotes | Video

Good satire comes from anger. It comes from a sense of injustice that there are wrongs in the world that need to be fixed. And what better place to get that well of venom and outrage boiling than a newsroom because you're on the front lines.

Carl Hiaasen | anger quotes | Video

Anger is the most impotent of passions. It effects nothing it goes about and hurts the one who is possessed by it more than the one against whom it is directed.

Carl Sandburg | anger quotes | Video

I've chosen my wedding ring large and heavy to continue forever. But exactly because of that all the time that Dave and I have an argument I feel it like handcuffs and on anger time I throw it in a basket. Poor Dave he bought me three wedding rings already!

Carmen Miranda | anger quotes | Video

After my second-to-last record 'The Greatest' I had gone on tour for a while and I didn't play an instrument for about five years. And I got kind of - it's not self-esteem or whatever or anger toward myself - but disappointed in myself that I hadn't been challenging myself to learn musically.

Cat Power | anger quotes | Video

An angry man opens his mouth and shuts his eyes.

Cato | anger quotes | Video

Somebody hits me I'm going to hit him back. Even if it does look like he hasn't eaten in a while.

Charles Barkley | anger quotes | Video

The fear really hits you. That's what you feel first. And then it's the anger and frustration. Part of the problem is how little we understand about the ultimate betrayal of the body when it rebels against itself.

Charles Bronson | anger quotes | Video

I think my passion is misinterpreted as anger sometimes. And I don't think people are ready for the message that I'm delivering and delivering with a sense of violent love.

Charlie Sheen | anger quotes | Video

Deep down my mom had long suspected I was gay... Much of her anger and hurt came from her sense of betrayal that she was the last to be told.

Chaz Bono | anger quotes | Video

In the final analysis the incident is seen as originating from an emotional expression of the frustration and anger of the proud people of China who had been subject to ever increasing oppression from without and decadent corruption from within.

Chen Ning Yang | anger quotes | Video

The reason why I love people and writing about them is because they don't always respond with hate and anger. If they did I wouldn't have a story to tell. Who wants to know about someone who was brutalised and became brutal? I'm interested in the exceptions.

Chris Cleave | anger quotes | Video

I think people should be angry at things that are worthy of anger. Injustice is outrageous and deserves outrage.

Chris Hayes | anger quotes | Video

Successful prime-time television of any genre produces some kind of emotional reaction in the viewers. There are a lot of different emotions to tap into. The emotion of the reward of discovery the feeling of righteous anger the feelings of pathos and sadness or sentimentality of being moved by something.

Chris Hayes | anger quotes | Video

I turned to music originally because of my past and needing a release or an outlet to get out anger or frustration or hurt.

Christina Aguilera | anger quotes | Video

I did not think that I was angry but clearly anger was reflected in my writing. I did not think that I had been affected emotionally but it was clear from my writing that I was still very emotional about the trial some six months after it ended.

Christopher Darden | anger quotes | Video

A man who has never made a woman angry is a failure in life.

Christopher Morley | anger quotes | Video

That feeds anger and I mean when we went and at last thank heavens got towards peace in Northern Ireland we went for justice within Northern Ireland as well as using security well as well as a political settlement but surely that is the lesson.

Clare Short | anger quotes | Video

And we know there has been horrendous loss of life and suffering and we know that there is anger. Anyone who came anywhere near the general election in constituencies with a substantial Muslim population knows that.

Clare Short | anger quotes | Video

Get mad then get over it.

Colin Powell | anger quotes | Video

It isn't enough just to scream at the Occupy Wall Street demonstrations. We need our political system to start reflect this anger back into 'How do we fix it? How do we get the economy going again?'

Colin Powell | anger quotes | Video

When anger rises think of the consequences.

Confucius | anger quotes | Video

Speak the truth do not yield to anger give if thou art asked for little by these three steps thou wilt go near the gods.

Confucius | anger quotes | Video

A lot of my humor does come from anger. It's like you're not gonna pull one over on me - which is pretty much my motto anyways.

Courteney Cox | anger quotes | Video

Generally speaking if a human being never shows anger then I think something's wrong. He's not right in the brain.

Dalai Lama | anger quotes | Video

Anger has a way of seeping into every other emotion and planting itself in there.

Dane Cook | anger quotes | Video

Keep cool anger is not an argument.

Daniel Webster | anger quotes | Video

I was able to do To Sleep with Anger a very powerful film about African Americans their spirituality and the things that happened within a small community and a family.

Danny Glover | anger quotes | Video

I guess because I had such a horrible life growing up going from place to place not knowing what I was gonna do and ending up being homeless there was a lot of pain and a lot of anger that was coming out through my guitar playing.

Dave Mustaine | anger quotes | Video

The anger that appears to be building up between the sexes becomes more virulent with every day that passes. And far from women taking the blame... the fact is that men are invariably portrayed as the bad guys. Being a good man is like being a good Nazi.

Dave Thomas | anger quotes | Video

The only justice is to follow the sincere intuition of the soul angry or gentle. Anger is just and pity is just but judgement is never just.

David Herbert Lawrence | anger quotes | Video

A little anger is a good thing if it isn't on your own behalf if it's for others deserving of your anger your empathy.

David Simon | anger quotes | Video

I was never jailed. The fact is that I was arrested but I went into a diversion programme and by that time I'd already begun working in what was called anger management. It was a painful and awful moment.

David Soul | anger quotes | Video

So I'm not worried about the emotions I carry with me because I'm happy that I have them I think it's good for the work I do. The emotions that are not healthy are the ones you hold inside like anger.

Diana Ross | anger quotes | Video

Yeah to me acting is very therapeutic. I get out a lot of anger and frustration.

Diane Kruger | anger quotes | Video

I don't play pyrotechnic scales. I play about frustration patience anger. Music is an extension of my soul.

Dick Dale | anger quotes | Video

The anger that Uncle Junior has comes from my background. My father was the son of an Italian immigrant and I've seen the fire of the Italian temperament. It can be explosive sometimes in ways that are both funny and tragic.

Dominic Chianese | anger quotes | Video

I suppose there's an anger in all of us. Some hidden rage that you keep at bay.

Dominic Cooper | anger quotes | Video

Obama and his attack dogs have nothing but hate and anger in their hearts and spew it whenever possible.

Donald Trump | anger quotes | Video

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