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I would forgive my mom but she's going to have to admit she did some things that were wrong.

Aaron Carter | mom quotes | Video

My mother and my grandmother are pioneers of Mexican cuisine in this country so I grew up in the kitchen. My mom Zarela Martinez was by far my biggest influence and inspiration - and toughest critic.

Aaron Sanchez | mom quotes | Video

When I was 11 my friend's mom made a peanut butter sandwich. I ate the sandwich and was like 'I'm never eating anything else again.' And I still eat peanut butter every day. I would put peanut butter on a steak.

Aasif Mandvi | mom quotes | Video

My mom didn't ever think I would take to acting because I was a very shy very reserved kind of child. But obviously something changed!

Abigail Breslin | mom quotes | Video

It is a sad commentary of our times when our young must seek advice and counsel from 'Dear Abby' instead of going to Mom and Dad.

Abigail Van Buren | mom quotes | Video

I don't have anything against my mom but my family has no emotional connection to each other.

Adam Carolla | mom quotes | Video

My mom was on welfare and the occasional food stamp but I have never participated in any of those governmental programs even the ones that kind of work like education scholarships and whatever and I managed to do just fine.

Adam Carolla | mom quotes | Video

My dad is a Deadhead my mom's a Jewish-American princess from Jersey.

Adam Lambert | mom quotes | Video

You eat and sleep it all day long and play on the streets until mom calls you in. My story is no different than anybody else's.

Adam Oates | mom quotes | Video

I sing seriously to my mom on the phone. To put her to sleep I have to sing 'Maria' from West Side Story. When I hear her snoring I hang up.

Adam Sandler | mom quotes | Video

What motivated me? My mother. My mother was an immigrant woman a peasant woman struggled all her life worked in the garment center.

Al Lewis | mom quotes | Video

They wrapped her up like a baby burrito to show to Mom. Here were a mother and her daughter and I love them both so much. I couldn't wait for Courtney to come to the hospital so I could have all my women together.

Al Roker | mom quotes | Video

I was raised by a single mother who made a way for me. She used to scrub floors as a domestic worker put a cleaning rag in her pocketbook and ride the subways in Brooklyn so I would have food on the table. But she taught me as I walked her to the subway that life is about not where you start but where you're going. That's family values.

Al Sharpton | mom quotes | Video

My mother kept asking me 'When are you going to do a gospel album?' And I've always wanted to do a gospel album. Everybody was going on about it so mom started hounding me more.

Alan Jackson | mom quotes | Video

I could get away with not taking care of myself as a bachelorette but as a mom I can't.

Alanis Morissette | mom quotes | Video

My mom was a professional. My dad and mom met each other in a movie called 'New Faces of 1937.' My mom went under the name Thelma Leeds and she did a few movies and she was really a great singer and when she married my dad and started to have a family she sang at parties.

Albert Brooks | mom quotes | Video

Everyone in my family is an artist. Both my parents are painters and my mom's an opera singer. I was never shown any other way to process life.

Aleksa Palladino | mom quotes | Video

My mom sent me to regular high school because she wanted me to have that experience and not say that I missed out but I didn't like it at all. I'm more comfortable in the world that I'm in I grew up in it so when I get around normal kids in regular high school I don't know what to do. I feel more secure in an adult environment.

Alexa Vega | mom quotes | Video

I consider my mom and all my sisters my friends.

Alexa Vega | mom quotes | Video

My mom would take me to restaurants and the first thing I'd ask for would be a pen and a napkin and I'd sketch shoes and shoes and shoes.

Alexander Wang | mom quotes | Video

My mom would put me in these preppy little suits and slick my hair to the side. I have these baby pictures of me where I'm this little preppy kid with a sweater tied around my neck.

Alexander Wang | mom quotes | Video

But to sustain a marriage for 50 years you have to get real a little bit and find someone who is understanding and who you can grow with. My mom always says 'Marry the man who loves you a millimeter more.'

Ali Larter | mom quotes | Video

When I get a new script my mom will read them and just be aghast. I think it's hysterical.

Alia Shawkat | mom quotes | Video

I'm a just a mom when I walk down the street.

Alice Barrett | mom quotes | Video

Mothers always find ways to fit in the work - but then when you're working you feel that you should be spending time with your children and then when you're with your children you're thinking about working.

Alice Hoffman | mom quotes | Video

Yes Mother. I can see you are flawed. You have not hidden it. That is your greatest gift to me.

Alice Walker | mom quotes | Video

How simple a thing it seems to me that to know ourselves as we are we must know our mothers names.

Alice Walker | mom quotes | Video

I lived with my mom in a really small apartment. My bedroom was like in the living room. That's why I still love to sleep on couches now.

Alicia Keys | mom quotes | Video

My mom is definitely my rock.

Alicia Keys | mom quotes | Video

My mom always said 'Don't date a guy who thinks he's prettier than you.'

Alicia Keys | mom quotes | Video

I had ridiculous amounts of energy. Mom's like you're driving me crazy - do you want to try gymnastics? From the moment I started it I loved it and it kind of was like storybook from there.

Alicia Sacramone | mom quotes | Video

My dad's an architect and my mom owned a French bakery for twelve years.

Alison Lohman | mom quotes | Video

Sunscreen is my number 1 2 3 4 and 5 tip. I'm a fanatic partially because I live in L.A. and have fair skin and freckles and partially because of my kids. My mom always made me wear sunscreen and I'm trying to be that mom for them.

Alison Sweeney | mom quotes | Video

I've actually suffered from allergies my entire life. My mom had allergies so I was aware of what an issue they can be. Many people allow their allergies to affect their lives. As a mom with two kids and two jobs I just can't let allergies slow me down. It's a day to day thing that can really be remedied by finding the right medication.

Alison Sweeney | mom quotes | Video

I had really great parents who always gave me lots of opportunity for choice but I didn't always realize how rare that was for a girl for them to say 'You can be a mom or have a career or do both or do something we haven't thought of yet.'

Ally Condie | mom quotes | Video

My mom is great and I make sure that we pray together before every race. She helps me put everything in perspective and remind me of the real reason I run.

Allyson Felix | mom quotes | Video

Just as a mother finds pleasure in taking her little child on her lap there to feed and caress him in like manner our loving God shows His fondness for His beloved souls who have given themselves entirely to Him and have placed all their hope in His goodness.

Alphonsus Liguori | mom quotes | Video

I was two years old when my mom put me in mommy and me classes. I always had a lot of energy so it was the perfect fit!

Aly Raisman | mom quotes | Video

My mom Emilie always taught me to think hard about marriage.

Alyson Hannigan | mom quotes | Video

My mom was a photographer and whenever they needed a baby for a modelling job she'd stick me in front of the camera. That's how it started.

Alyson Hannigan | mom quotes | Video

I deal with postpartum feelings by reaching out to mom friends. I became very close with some of the women in my prenatal yoga class.

Alyssa Milano | mom quotes | Video

The first few weeks of being a mom were profound not just emotionally but also physically. All the changes you instinctually go through are miraculous.

Alyssa Milano | mom quotes | Video

I always tell people I'm a better swimmer because I'm a mom and a better mom because I'm swimmer.

Amanda Beard | mom quotes | Video

My mom has a tape from when I was like 2 years old talking with my grandma telling her a story that's really elaborate about werewolves and wolves.

Amanda Hocking | mom quotes | Video

Well my mom is single and we've both been single at the same time over the last ten years so I really related to the bond between my character and Diane's.

Amanda Peet | mom quotes | Video

Sweater n.: garment worn by child when its mother is feeling chilly.

Ambrose Bierce | mom quotes | Video

Where there is a mother in the home matters go well.

Amos Bronson Alcott | mom quotes | Video

Come Christmas Eve we usually go to my mom and dad's. Everybody brings one gift and then we play that game when we all steal it from each other. Some are really cool others are useful and some are a bit out there.

Amy Grant | mom quotes | Video

Depending on what day of the week it is and what time of the month it is I'm a good friend or not a good friend. I'm more or less a good mom or not a good mom more or less a good mate or not a good mate. That's just life whether or not you're public.

Amy Grant | mom quotes | Video

My mom taught me to go after my dreams. I have this faith in myself that I must have gotten from her.

Amy Jo Johnson | mom quotes | Video

I was always a drama queen. I remember playing in the kitchen trying to get my mom to think I was dead and call the police. When she didn't I would cry. I was always theatrical. I don't think any of my relatives are surprised.

Amy Lee | mom quotes | Video

I think of myself as a fairly attractive girl and always have thanks to my mom. I was brought into this world thinking I was gorgeous because my mother was extremely devoted to this notion.

Amy Schumer | mom quotes | Video

My mom used to say that Greek Easter was later because then you get stuff cheaper.

Amy Sedaris | mom quotes | Video

I know I'm talented but I wasn't put here to sing. I was put here to be a wife and a mom and look after my family. I love what I do but it's not where it begins and ends.

Amy Winehouse | mom quotes | Video

I still feel like a kid sometimes myself so hard to believe that I'm a mom. Now I'm an adult! It only took 38 years!

Ana Ortiz | mom quotes | Video

I was really lucky. My gal pal was my mom.

Ana Ortiz | mom quotes | Video

My dad and mom divorced when I was around ten and I didn't live with him after that though he was close by and we saw each other weekly. I wasn't really aware that he was a writer I didn't start reading his writing until I was about fifteen. It occurred to me then that my dad was kind of special he's still one of my favorite writers.

Andre Dubus III | mom quotes | Video

My mom had this romantic notion of her children playing classical music. The idea is you learn it when you're still learning language. It's using the same part of the brain.

Andrew Bird | mom quotes | Video

When you think of couponing you picture a mom cutting coupons out of the back of the newspaper.

Andrew Mason | mom quotes | Video

My mother was predominately a stay-at-home mom.

Andrew Rannells | mom quotes | Video

With my new venture Club Mom we want to empower moms to feel their value and also build their collective power to make their lives better and easier. We want to bring them together as a community to share experiences and information.

Andrew Shue | mom quotes | Video

Dinner 'conversation' at the Cohens' meant my sister mom and I relaying in brutal detail the day's events in a state of amplified hysteria while my father listened to his own smooth jazz station in his head.

Andy Cohen | mom quotes | Video

Whether it's a 16-year old girl or a mom or a guy or anybody as long as they come up and they're excited to meet me 'cause they've had some sort of relationship with something I've created it's the coolest thing ever. It never gets old. It's awesome.

Andy Grammer | mom quotes | Video

My parents especially my mother were no influence on me whatsoever.

Andy Partridge | mom quotes | Video

We've always loved going to the movies. Our mom and dad are big movie fans. They'd take us on these movie orgys where we'd see sometimes three movies in a day.

Andy Wachowski | mom quotes | Video

My mom was always pretty supportive. She saw me do plays and she'd always act out the parts I did. My aunt who played a big part in my life was a little bit more reserved because if they don't see you on TV every week they think you must be starving.

Angela Bassett | mom quotes | Video

I hope that through my work artists will take some chances break some rules and make art that comes from inside of them. I would like to be remembered as a kind person a great Mom and a bit unruly - in a good way!

Angela Cartwright | mom quotes | Video

As a busy working mom I'm always pressed for time so a quick and easy beauty routine is key!

Angela Kinsey | mom quotes | Video

My mom the fabulous Bertie Kinsey is an amazing seamstress. She quilts and sews and is so crafty. We call her the Southern Martha Stewart!

Angela Kinsey | mom quotes | Video

I think it's a tough road if you're a stay-at-home mom a working mom if you have a partner if you don't. It's the best job in the world and the toughest job in the world all at the same time.

Angela Kinsey | mom quotes | Video

My very sassy older southern sister is very quick to point out that it's a luxury that my daughter gets to come to work with me. She does and I have lunch with her every single day. My mom says I have 'high class problems.'

Angela Kinsey | mom quotes | Video

Now that I'm a mom I'm way more laid back. If you come into my house don't look for a coaster. Forget it. There is not a piece of furniture in my house now that is too precious.

Angela Kinsey | mom quotes | Video

My mom was a diabetic. Her sister was a diabetic so I was already a candidate.

Angie Stone | mom quotes | Video

I've never had a very closely connected family. My parents split up when I was young and I was living with my mom for a little while then I was kind of just on my own really young. It wasn't some kind of global tragedy it was just never really a very close-knit family. So there was support in the sense that they didn't stand in my way.

Ani DiFranco | mom quotes | Video

Completeness? Happiness? These words don't come close to describing my emotions. There truly is nothing I can say to capture what motherhood means to me particularly given my medical history.

Anita Baker | mom quotes | Video

People close to me called me 'Curry in a Hurry.' I was moving through life at 100 miles an hour trying to further my career and be a great mom and make everyone happy.

Ann Curry | mom quotes | Video

It's the moms of this nation - single married widowed - who really hold this country together. We're the mothers we're the wives we're the grandmothers we're the big sisters we're the little sisters we're the daughters. You know it's true don't you? You're the ones who always have to do a little more.

Ann Romney | mom quotes | Video

From the very start of all of this my mom has read the scripts first. And if she liked something she let me read it. She told our agent what kinds of parts that we would want.

Anna Chlumsky | mom quotes | Video

I had no idea of the size of my bank account as a teen and I didn't care to know. That was my mom's job I figured that I would just find out when I turned 18. If you can't trust your mom then who can you trust?

Anna Chlumsky | mom quotes | Video

My friends and I would get up early and take our horses through the national forest. My mom was very free. It was always 'Out of the house!' There was no watching television on weekends.

Anna Torv | mom quotes | Video

Of all the roles I've played none has been as fulfilling as being a mother.

Annette Funicello | mom quotes | Video

I was born to a single mom and raised by her and my grandparents.

Anthony Foxx | mom quotes | Video

The fastest way to break the cycle of perfectionism and become a fearless mother is to give up the idea of doing it perfectly - indeed to embrace uncertainty and imperfection.

Arianna Huffington | mom quotes | Video

I think while all mothers deal with feelings of guilt working mothers are plagued by guilt on steroids!

Arianna Huffington | mom quotes | Video

There is nothing like becoming a mom to fill you with fear.

Arianna Huffington | mom quotes | Video

Trying to be Supermom is as futile as trying to be Perfect Mom. Not going to happen.

Arianna Huffington | mom quotes | Video

If I go on dates my mom is always with me. She's always there making sure I'm all right. Like if I go to see a movie with a boy she'll go to dinner next door.

Ariel Winter | mom quotes | Video

Mothers are fonder than fathers of their children because they are more certain they are their own.

Aristotle | mom quotes | Video

I don't have to do a lot to my eyebrows. My mom always told me not to pluck them which is great advice.

Arizona Muse | mom quotes | Video

I remember my mom saying that after you have a baby you get really thin. So you gain all that weight and then you just lose it and keep losing it.

Arizona Muse | mom quotes | Video

Mother is far too clever to understand anything she does not like.

Arnold Bennett | mom quotes | Video

I stand fearlessly for small dogs the American Flag motherhood and the Bible. That's why people love me.

Art Linkletter | mom quotes | Video

Married and divorced three beautiful daughters two in college. The other one is 16 lives with her mom. I'm 46 I've worked for the Post Office for 18 years seven facilities in three states.

Arthur Godfrey | mom quotes | Video

Being a mom's so empowering and incredible. I'm one of those people who believes that life brings things to you at a certain time for a certain reason and if you just go with it that's where the best moments come from.

Ashlee Simpson | mom quotes | Video

When I was 15 I worked at a dry cleaner because I wanted Abercrombie & Fitch jeans. My mom told me I could have $20 jeans not $70 jeans unless I was willing to work for them. So I did!

Ashley Greene | mom quotes | Video

Growing up my whole life my mom was telling me how incredible and special I was and that I was going to change the world. I think it's important for girls to know that they can change the world that they do have an impact.

Ashley Greene | mom quotes | Video

I remember getting this scrapbook that this girl made that I actually gave to my mom to hold onto because she has a 'Twilight' shrine in their house in Florida. It was just this scrapbook of me starting with 'Twilight ' and the whole progression of me and my career throughout that and other stuff that I had done in between.

Ashley Greene | mom quotes | Video

Everyone checks out my mom. My mom's hot.

Ashley Scott | mom quotes | Video

I don't drink and I don't smoke. It's a personal preference. My mom has never drunk or smoked. I look up to my mom.

Ashley Tisdale | mom quotes | Video

I did find some time to go to a record store and check out 'Headstrong' actually in the racks. It was pretty cool I never thought I'd see my own CD sitting there with everyone else's. I made my Mom take lots of pics!

Ashley Tisdale | mom quotes | Video

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